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Are you facing federal criminal charges in Delaware? Are you under a federal investigation for federal offenses? Either way, you will benefit from the legal representation and guidance of a federal criminal defense attorney at our firm.

If you find yourself as a target of a federal agency in a grand jury investigation or prosecuted by the United States Attorney in the District of Delaware, you need to consult with an experienced federal criminal defense lawyers who understands the federal criminal justice system.

Federal cases are much different than state criminal cases. The penalties are substantially higher in the federal system and you could be facing a much more severe sentence in a Delaware federal criminal court.

If you are convicted of a federal offense, you will be subject to harsh federal sentencing guidelines and could carry mandatory minimum penalties. It should be noted that most defendants end up pleading guilty in federal cases.

Federal law enforcement agencies have vast resources at their disposal than state law enforcement agencies – meaning they typically will build a solid case against you before making an arrest. Federal agencies who investigate cases often use video surveillance, undercover agents and testimony of cooperating witnesses to build their criminal case against you.

Retaining an Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer is Critical

It can't be overstated the importance of your federal lawyer to act promptly at the beginning of your federal criminal case. Critical initial decisions must be made, such as negotiating with the United States prosecutor, whether you should cooperate, make statements or proffer and dealing with your rights to a speedy trial.

Early decisions will often impact your case later. If you were to decide to plead guilty and become a cooperating witness, yet discover later the charges against your co-defendants were dismissed due to insufficient evidence – this will impact the rest of your life. Every decision has to be thorough examined and based on the facts of the case.

Our federal criminal defense lawyers, Dmitry Gorin and Alan Eisner, handle any type of federal criminal cases, including complex fraud crimes and interstate drug cases. narcotics cases. The most common federal cases include:

The first step in your defense is detailed consultation with our law firm. We need to closely review the facts of the case and potential defenses.

Contact Our Federal Crimes Lawyers for Help

Eisner & Gorin has represented clients involved in federal cases all over the U.S. We have created strategic alliances with law firms in Delaware and throughout the rest of the country to further assist our clients at every phase in a federal criminal case, from federal investigations through trials and appeals.

In the District of a Delaware, it is never too early to involve an experienced and skilled attorney such as you will find at our firm. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined criminal defense and federal case experience and our firm has been rated in the top 5 percent of law firms in the country.

Our law firm can provide legal representation in any type of federal criminal case, including those involving computer crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, conspiracy, real estate fraud, wire fraud, among many others. Federal cases require specialized knowledge of federal law and court procedure, which our firm has in abundance.

When you hire our firm to represent you, we will ensure that your rights are fully protected, that illegally-obtained evidence is not used against you, and that all possible defense strategies are used and exhausted on your behalf.

Our lawyers can negotiate with federal prosecutors to reduce the charges against you or have them dropped, when appropriate. At all times, our firm will work vigorously to minimize the damaging consequences of federal charges or investigations.

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