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Federal criminal conduct usually falls under one of seven categories, which are similar to those found in State Courts. The seven categories of federal crimes are as follows:


During California State criminal prosecution, decisions can be made which affect the rights of a defendant. This includes a judge's decisions to grant or deny a suppression motion, motion to dismiss due to issues with a jurisdiction, demurrer, or whether a  judge will recuse themselves. The jury will be asked to make crucial decisions if the case proceeds to trial, where they will have to render a verdict of guilty or not guilty. Many of these decisions made by a judge or jury can be appealed to a higher court or even to a Federal court. Appellate jurisdiction refers to the authority of a higher court to review, correct, or overturn a lower court's decision.

Fraud and Theft

This category involves those cases commonly referred to as white collar crimes. The offenses most commonly charged under this category include: concealing assets during a bankruptcy; filing a false claim for postal or pension loss; possessing false papers in order to defraud the United States; making false credit applications; bank and deposit account fraud; using a computer, radio, or television to commit a fraud against another; and money laundering.

Sex Offenses

The main four federal sex offenses are sexual abuse; aggravated sexual abuse; sexual abuse of a minor or ward; and abusive sexual contact. In all of these cases, the matter can only be prosecuted in federal court if either the alleged criminal act occurred on federal property or the parties involved in the crime traveled or communicated over state lines.

Child Pornography

The majority of these federal offenses involve trafficking, selling, distributing, or possessing child pornography through the use of computers and the internet. Because computers and the internet are almost always a part of these cases, your defense lawyer must have experience with how computers and the internet work.

Firearm Offenses

The most common federal firearms violations are Felons in Possession of a Firearm; Possession of an Illegal or Unregistered Firearm; and Using or Carrying a Firearm during a Drug Trafficking Offense.

Violent Crimes

Some of the most common of these offenses prosecuted in federal court are murder, manslaughter, and assault (these become federal cases when it is alleged the crime occurred on federal property or on the high seas; kidnapping (transporting the victim over state lines makes it a federal case); robbery (the alleged criminal act must interfere with “interstate commerce” in order for it to be a federal matter); and bank robbery (this is a federal case because the bank's money is protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Federal Drug Offenses

Most of these offenses involve selling, manufacturing or distributing marijuana, cocaine or other illegal substances, and the criminal elements are similar to those found under state law. Most federal drug offenses involve the transportation of narcotics or marijuana over state lines. This may involve transporting the drugs from one state to another in a motor vehicle or other means of transportation.

Other Federal Offenses

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