Los Angeles Obstruction of Justice Defense Lawyer

Are You Dealing With A Federal Obstruction of Justice Charge?

Obstruction of justice is a very broad concept and occurs when someone makes an effort to prevent the execution of a lawful process or the administration of justice in either a criminal or civil matter. Obstruction of evidence can entail such actions as destroying evidence, intimidating potential witnesses, retaliating against actual witnesses, preparing false testimony or false evidence, or interfering with jurors and other court personnel. There are criminal obstruction statutes in place to help protect the integrity of legal proceedings and to protect individuals participating in criminal proceedings.

There are a number offenses that a can be committed and obstruction of justice can take almost any form, including:

  • Obstructing a federal process or writ server.
  • Obstructing or resisting an extradition agent.
  • Efforts to influence or injure a court officer or juror.
  • Influencing a juror by writing.
  • Obstructing proceedings before departments, agencies, or committees.
  • Stealing or altering court records.
  • Picketing or parading with the intent to obstruct the administration of justice.
  • Obstructing court orders.
  • Obstructing criminal investigations.
  • Tampering with witnesses, victims, or informants.
  • Retaliating against a witness, victim or informant.

If you or a loved one has been charged with interfering with the work of police, investigators, agencies, prosecutors, or court officials, you should speak with a federal criminal lawyer at our firm. Obstruction of justice is a serious charge and federal entities do not take this offense lightly. Those who impede or obstruct the facilitation of justice will be treated very harshly, so it is important to have an aggressive attorney who is willing to go to battle for you.

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