Los Angeles Fraud Crimes Lawyers

Are you facing fraud charges in a federal court?

Fraud is defined by the FBI as the art of deliberate deception for unlawful gain, and is considered a type of white collar crime. Fraud Crimes typically occur in business or corporate environments, which is why they are considered to be white collar crimes. There are many different types of fraud, including:

If you are facing federal fraud charges, it is very important that you seek representation from a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Fraud charges are very serious, and depending upon the circumstances of the crime you are associated with, you could face some very harsh penalties if convicted. Heavy fines and imprisonment are the most common penalties people face, although the amounts of each vary in severity based upon the specific fraud crime.

Los Angeles Fraud Crime Defense

Most fraud crimes are heavily investigated by government agencies before formal charges are ever filed. The investigative phase is extremely pivotal to the direction of a case, but many individuals neglect to hire representation when they find out they are under investigation. Having a criminal lawyer looking out for your best interests and protecting your rights during the investigation can greatly improve the future outlook of your case.

Federal investigators will go to almost any length to obtain evidence, even if they violate the suspect’s constitutional rights in doing so. The presence of an attorney will ensure that your rights are not violated and should this occur your lawyer will take the proper legal measures to have the illegally obtained evidence thrown out, potentially ruining the prosecution’s case against you. Were you arrested and charged with fraud crime? Contact Eisner Gorin LLP now!