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Fighting State or Federal Forgery Charges

Forgery is defined as the crime of making a fake document, changing an existing document, or making a signature without authorization. Some of the documents that can be the object of forgery include contracts, identification cards, and legal certificates. 18 U.S.C. § 471 provides punishment for whoever, with intent to defraud, falsely makes, forges counterfeits, or alters any obligation or other security of the United States. Furthermore, sections 472 and 473 provides similar punishment for those who utter or deal in forged or counterfeit obligations or other security of the United States. If convicted of forgery you may be facing large fines and/or imprisonment of up to twenty years.

Are You Facing A Criminal Charge of Forgery?

Have you have been accused of forgery or other type of white collar crime anywhere in California? You need an experienced lawyer on your side to protect your rights. You need to contact our law firm as soon as you become aware you are facing these serious federal criminal charges.

Having a law firm that is knowledgeable with both sides of the federal legal system to work with could result in better chance of a positive outcome to your case. While forgery is not considered a violent crime, it is one that is aggressively pursued by prosecutors. The harsh federal penalties from a conviction can alter your life forever. You may never be able to secure employment in certain positions within a company.

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At our law firm, we have been very successful in defending all types of federal white collar crimes. We are well-known for aggressive legal representation from the moment you are arrested. Call our law firm at (877) 781-1570 or fill out online contact form.

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