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At Eisner Gorin LLP, we offer aggressive criminal defense to clients facing federal criminal charges or who are involved in a federal criminal investigation. Being accused of a federal offense means that you will need an attorney who is licensed to practice in federal court and who knows and can interpret complex federal law.

There are many federal criminal laws so complex that even legal experts don't know for sure if they are considered one offense or several. As more federal laws are passed, the amount of people who are sentenced has increased. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has estimated there are over 200,000 inmates currently serving time in a federal prison throughout the United States. .

All federal criminal cases are prosecuted by experienced United States Attorneys in Kentucky. If you are convicted of a federal offense, the legal penalties are often severe. Therefore, if you are under investigation or already charged with a federal crime, you need to consult with a federal criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping people who have found themselves facing serious and complex criminal accusations. We are based in Los Angeles, CA, and represent clients nationwide, including clients facing federal charges in Eastern and Western District of Kentucky. Our vast experience handling federal offenses has given us valuable insight into both sides of the legal process.

What Are Federal Crimes?

Most crimes in Kentucky will be prosecuted in a local state court. Federal crimes are violations of laws that were passed by Congress and are crimes that happen on federal property, like national parks, federal prison, or crimes that occur across state lines.

Additionally, federal jurisdiction includes other offenses occurring outside federal land. In most cases, you might find yourself under a criminal investigation by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Internal Revenue Service, and the Secret Service.

If you are convicted of a felony offense, the sentencing on your case will be set by the federal sentencing guidelines that has a uniform punishment policy. Federal judges have to follow these guidelines as their are designed to fair and consistent sentencing. The sentencing guidelines has many different levels of seriousness.

Obviously, the more serious the crime, it will be considered a higher offense level. Every federal criminal defendant is assigned to a criminal history category that is determined on the level and timing of prior criminal behavior.

It's at this point where the criminal history and the offense level meet that determines an appropriate sentencing guideline range. There are many factors considered that could increase or decrease a base level offense and impact a sentencing guideline calculation.

These factors include level of participation in the crime, acceptance of responsibility for the crime, and whether you used a firearm or obstructed justice. As stated, federal judges must follow the sentencing guidelines, but they do have discretion to consider any mitigating factors in your case.

Types of Federal Crimes We Defend

Our federal defense lawyers in Kentucky defend clients against a wide range of federal crimes and investigation, including:

Experienced Federal Crimes Attorneys

We strongly advise you to consult with a federal criminal attorney at our firm under these circumstances. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills in handling criminal defense at all levels, including those involving federal crimes.

We have been recognized as a law firm rated in the top 5 percent of U.S. firms. Because of our extensive experience, reputation for excellence, and outstanding commitment to our clients, your case will be in highly-qualified hands.

We can represent you in any federal case. The earlier you retain the services of our law firm, the better we can serve you. You will benefit from our assistance in the investigation stage, before any Grand Jury indictment, or at any phase of the legal process.

We have the skills to negotiate in your favor with federal prosecutors, pursuing reduced or dismissed charges where possible and less damaging sentences and penalties.

At all times, our firm will work vigorously to protect your rights, minimize the negative consequences of your charges, and secure the best possible outcome to your case. It is important to contact Eisner Gorin LLP immediately to set up a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Our federal criminal defense attorneys serves clients in all counties throughout the state of Kentucky, including Boyle, Estill, Fayette, Fleming, Jessamine, Kenton, Nicholas, Woodford, among others


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