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Have you been accused of federal crimes in Louisiana? Are you under a federal investigation or have you been formally charged? You may be frightened, confused, and wondering how to proceed. Your first course of action should be to contact a federal criminal defense lawyer at our firm for a legal consultation. Eisner Gorin LLP has been providing aggressive and effective legal representation for clients involved in criminal cases at the federal level Nationwide.

The United States legal system has two separate levels of criminal law – state and federal. Most crimes committed in Louisiana will be handled in a local state court. A  significant difference between a state and federal prosecution involves the criminal investigation process.

Federal Criminal Investigations

Many state crimes are filed after a quick investigation, if any, but  federal criminal charges typically occur after a long and very thorough investigation that could take months, or even years to complete.

If you have reason to believe you are a target of a federal investigation, you should never wait before it's completed to contact a federal criminal defense attorney. Early intervention into your case by a seasoned federal defense lawyer can dramatically impact the outcome.

If you take an aggressive proactive approach by retaining a lawyer at the beginning of the federal criminal court process, it gives you legal counsel an opportunity to negotiate with federal law enforcement and prosecutors. This early step is often critical for a successful defense against a federal case. In fact, in some cases, , it could result in avoiding filing of formal charges.

On a similar note, if you were already arrested by federal law enforcement agents, such as the FBI, ATF, or DEA, you need to consult with a qualified federal criminal defense lawyer right away.

The United States Code for federal crimes has statutes that penalize different federal offenses and the legal consequences are often severe. Penalties for a federal crime conviction include incarceration, large fines, probation, and deportation.

In order to have the best chance at a favorable outcome through the federal court system, you will need a skilled federal defense lawyer who has clear understanding of federal laws, knows the rules and procedures in federal court, and licensed to practice law in federal district courts in Louisiana, including the Eastern and Western District of Louisiana.

The expertise of a Louisiana federal criminal defense lawyer is often the most critical element to the best possible outcome on your case.

Different Types of Federal Crimes

Our federal crimes lawyers have a thorough understanding of all different types of federal offenses, federal criminal procedures, and the federal sentencing guidelines. We will conduct our own independent investigation in order to develop and effective legal defense strategy.

We know the serious consequences of a conviction and will work aggressively to defend you. We handle all types of federal crimes, including:

Contact a Louisiana Federal Criminal Lawyer

We have built important alliances with key law firms in Louisiana and the other states to help clients in all jurisdictions. The sooner you engage the services of our firm, the sooner we can begin building a defense strategy on your behalf, whether in the investigation stage or beyond.

Our firm has more than 50 years of legal experience in criminal defense and federal cases. A defense lawyer at the firm can represent you in any type of federal case. We will work vigorously to protect your rights, ensure that evidence obtained illegally is not used against you, and minimize the adverse consequences of federal charges.

Your attorney can negotiate in your favor with federal prosecutors, work to get your charges lessened or dismissed where possible and get reduced sentencing and penalties. At all times, we will act on your behalf to achieve the most favorable results possible.


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