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Have you been charged with a federal crime in Florida? If convicted, you could be facing severe legal consequences. Federal criminal cases are different than state criminal cases and you will need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who understands the the federal court system.

After you have been charged with a federal crime, you will be scared and not sure what will happen next. You probably don't know where to go for help. It's not uncommon for innocent people to be accused of a crime they didn't commit. At this point, you need a skilled lawyer in your corner.

Our law firm is committed to providing superior legal representation to anyone facing charges in a Florida Federal Criminal Court. We dedicate the necessary time it will take to provide an effective defense for the best possible outcome.

Regardless of the type of federal criminal case you may be facing, our experienced legal team of federal criminal attorneys can help you. We will use all our resources to give you the best chance of an acquittal at trail, dismissal of case, or to reduce your charges.

We have decades of experience in federal criminal defense experience. We have successfully defended countless criminal cases in federal courts throughout the United States.

Knowledge of the Federal Court System and Federal Sentencing

The Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 created the United States U.S. Sentencing Commission. This had a dramatic impact on federal sentencing guidelines and many other matters for anyone who was charged with a federal crime. It's critical for a competent federal defense lawyer to have an understanding of sentencing policies.

If you under an investigation for a federal crime, such as Heath Care fraud, Medicare fraud, or drug trafficking, you need to know the potential consequences. Federal prosecutors have vast resources in order to secure a conviction. In many cases, federal investigators will take years to build a case against you.

After you are arrested, a federal grand jury will closely review the evidence make a decision if a trial is warranted. After you are formally charged, you are now facing the United States government. The legal penalties for federal crimes have increased and you might be facing years in a federal prison, huge fines, and victim restitution.

Federal criminal charges or federal investigations call for an attorney who is licensed to practice in federal court and who has specialized knowledge and experience with federal law, court procedure, and cases.

Types Of Federal Cases We Handle

If you are subject to a federal investigation or have been charged with federal offenses anywhere in the state of Florida, you will need such an attorney. We strongly advise you to contact a federal criminal attorney at our firm for a consultation about your case as soon as possible. We specialize in white collar crimes in federal courts in Florida and nationwide. We handle any type of federal charges, including:

Eisner Gorin LLP is a federal defense firm with more than 50 years of legal experience in dealing with criminal defense and federal cases. Our firm has been rated a “pre-eminent” firm with a ranking that places it in the top 5 percent of law firms in the country.

When you engage the services of our law firm, you will receive the benefit of an attorney who has a thorough command of federal law, a track record of proven results, and a reputation for excellence.

Defend Your Rights By Consulting With Our Federal Defense Team

Our firm defends all types of federal criminal cases. Regardless of the charges you are facing, when you hire a lawyer from the firm, we will vigorously protect your rights, advance your best interests, and work tirelessly to defend you, both in and out of court.

We have provided aggressive and effective representation for clients involved in federal cases throughout the country. Our firm maintains strategic alliances with law firms in Florida and the other states in an effort to fully service those facing the serious consequences of federal charges.

A federal criminal lawyer who represents you can negotiate on your behalf with federal prosecutors, work to get the charges against you reduced or dropped or get less restrictive sentences or penalties. We urge you to consult with one of our experienced federal attorneys to discover your best defense options.

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