Federal Agents Seize Nearly $500,000 In Cocaine

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Federal agents seized a cargo of cocaine worth nearly half a million dollars in San Diego County this past Monday. Border patrol agents stopped an unnamed man at a traffic checkpoint near the city of San Diego on Interstate Highway 8. While federal agents at the scene were checking over the vehicle, K-9 drug-sniffing dogs smelled potential drugs inside the light blue BMW sport utility vehicle.

When federal agents opened the door panels, they found 20 bundles of cocaine weighing just over 47 pounds hidden inside. Authorities estimate the value of all the bundles together at roughly $470,000. While the alleged drug smuggler’s name was not released, reports indicate that he was a 43-year-old Mexican national. The unknown smuggler was arrested at the scene and turned over to agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for further investigation while his vehicle was seized by the border patrol.

Drug smuggling is a serious criminal offense. Drug crimes go from a county or state court system into the federal court system if they involve large enough quantities of drugs.

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