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Legal Defense Against Federal Consumer Fraud Charges

Consumer fraud laws make it a crime to conduct unfair or deceptive trade practices in consumer transactions. Generally these laws apply to almost all consumer transactions. The intent to deceive is not a requirement to be convicted of consumer fraud. Consumer Fraud includes a large range of improper practices including any part of the advertising, marketing, selling, and provision of services and/or goods. Consumer fraud may be categorized as any of the following: credit card fraud, insurance fraud, credit fraud, healthcare fraud, health insurance fraud, or business fraud. If convicted of consumer fraud you may be facing large fines and/or imprisonment.

Consumer fraud is a common form of white collar crime. It can be defined as the intentional deception of an individual or group of people for their own personal gain. Also, intentionally withholding information or misleading a person on purpose can be considered fraud.

These type of federal criminal charges can be filed against anyone who are considered to be involved in scams. This can include auction fraud, identity theft, ponzi or pyramid schemes, internet scams, where is can be shown that a consumer has been given false information in order to achieve financial gain.

Contact a Federal Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles

No matter what form of consumer fraud criminal charges you are facing, it is critical that you retain the legal counsel of an aggressive and dedicated attorney from Eisner Gorin LLP. It is possible that you have been under federal investigation for a long time. You may not have even known there was an investigation, but it is possible that years worth of evidence has been obtained against you.

You will need a qualified legal team to help you seek the most positive outcome to your case. We have quality resources to provide expert testimony to support your case if needed. If you are facing a consumer fraud charge, you need legal help from an experienced law firm. Our firm has an outstanding record in defending federal charges. Early defense intervention is critical to the outcome of your case, so do not delay in calling us for a free case evaluation. We are available 24/7 at (877) 781-1570.

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