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Hate crimes arouse a great amount of negative public attention. This means that, unfortunately for the accused, the negative publicity and media hype make it even more difficult to receive a fair and just trial. What’s more, the violent nature of hate crimes, means that hate crimes carry severe consequences which may include imprisonment, fines, and loss of employment. A hate crime is different from many other types of crime in that it involves the victimization of an individual based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or similar group affiliation/status. Hate crimes can take many forms but may include physical and/or verbal assault, vandalism, harassment, or murder. The penalties and punishments associated with hate crimes depend on a number of factors such as prior convictions, probation or parole status, media attention, and other circumstances but may include: imprisonment, fines, mandatory rehabilitation, and/or probation/parole.

The reason that hate crimes are different is because they are directed toward a group of people, rather than just the individual themselves. Hate crimes carry stigmas, and anyone facing accusations will suffer severe consequences that could include the loss of employment, large fines and imprisonment. It is critical that if you have been accused of a hate crime to get the best criminal defense possible to represent you. Without a strong legal defense, your life could change forever.

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You can be charged with hate crimes by a federal agency and receive prosecution in federal courts. The FBI has had success in obtaining convictions for hate crimes in California federal courts. This is why you need to retain a lawyer that will aggressively defend your rights even if you are facing prosecution by federal agencies. The punishments for convictions of federal hate crimes are severe.

At Eisner Gorin LLP, we are familiar with both the federal and state procedures concerning hate crimes. If you want to avoid spending a large portion of your life in jail, call our law firm immediately. We are ready to defend you against any allegations of any type of hate crimes. We can prepare a strong legal defense against even the most serious hate crimes. Call Eisner Gorin LLP at (877) 781-1570 or fill out contact form.

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