Federal Court Victories

Client Facing Over 10 Years in Federal Prison, Receives Probation with Home Confinement, Central District of California Court

Federal agents investigated client for many years as to tax evasion, fraud, securities violation, and theft. Client received no jail time after case resolution.

Child Abduction Charges Dismissed

Client was charged with abducting own children overseas which caused an arrest warrant to be issued in 1993. The warrant was recently recalled and the case was dropped after we conducted an investigation and presented exculpatory evidence to the prosecutor’s office.

Embezzlement and Conspiracy Charges – Probation with No Jail Time

Our client was a business manager for a local company and was accused of conspiring with his employees to steal over $50,000 in a multiple-count felony complaint. We negotiated a plea where all the conspiracy charges were dismissed and the client received only probation with community service.

Extortion Charge Dismissed

Client charged and detained in custody for attempted extortion felony. The felony was dismissed after we negotiated a plea to a misdemeanor. Client received informal probation, with the understanding that she will not have any conviction on her record once she successfully completes the term of probation. The entire record of the case will then be sealed.

No Jail Time in Child Pornography Case

Client charged with numerous counts of possession of child pornography carrying jail time and sex offender registration consequences. Through successful negotiation and courtroom advocacy, we reached a settlement requiring no jail time, instead counseling, and no 290 registration.

Federal Court (California, Texas, D.C. Court) – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Over $1 billion in possible illegal kickbacks in the conspiracy with possible life sentence, business executive to serve less than 3 years in federal custody.

Los Angeles Downton Federal Court – Federal Rico Jury Trial

Client was exonerated on felony RICO charges that carried a minimum of 10 years or more in federal prison.

Federal Real Estate Fraud Case

Client was facing up to 10 years in prison, but received probation with no jail time, Central District California

Federal Wire Fraud Case

Our client received diversion with no felony conviction in North Carolina Federal Court

Los Angeles Federal District Court – Jury Acquittal of Felony Assault

Our client was charged with a violation of 18 USC 113(6) – Felony Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury –  an accusation that carries a sentence of up to ten years. This incident was a dispute between passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from LAX to San Francisco.

The victim, who was seated behind our client, reclined her seat before takeoff. Our client asks her to return her seat up, but she ignored our client’s request to put her chair in upright position, as legally required, prior to takeoff. The victim once again reclined her seat just after takeoff. Our client again attempted to start a conversation, which turned into an argument, where the victim then called our client an expletive.

During this argument, our client assaulted the victim. Witness testimony at trial showed that our client either choked or punched her head, or took hold of her shoulders and aggressively shook her out of frustration. The federal prosecutors presented testimony the victim sustained a concussion, including symptoms of headaches, nausea, anxiety, and loss of memory.

We called to the stand five witnesses: The EMT/fireman who examined the victim on the plane; a passenger who described the assault as shaking the victim from her shoulder area, and also two character witnesses know our client on a personal and professional level. They both offered testimony about his good overall character, that includes character traits for non-violence and being a law-abiding citizen.

Our client also testified on his own behalf. In the end, the jury acquitted our client of felony assault, which was the original indicted charge. They did find him responsible for simple misdemeanor assault, a violation of 18 USC 113(5), which carries a maximum sentence of six months. The case was covered in the media.

Central District of California, Federal Court – Drug Case Dismissed

Our client was facing federal criminal charges of purchasing pseudo-ephedrine in mass quantities in order for the transportation and resale. He was facing a 40-year prison sentence if convicted.

The Drug Enforcement Administration obtained consent by our client to enter his home after they told him they were earthquake inspectors. Our law firm challenged the legality of the entry of his home and also the search of his home and seizure of property on grounds that consent was obtained unlawfully.

The United States District Court Judge agreed with our challenge and then suppressed the contraband. This resulted in dismissal of the entire case.