I trust these lawyers. They helped me out on my case and provided clear information about all the risks involved and provided clear guidance on the best choices. In particular, Meryl Chambers was personable and friendly, well informed and trust-worthy. She was available to me at any time, and always answered my questions fully and succinctly. They have my gratitude and support. Don’t hesitate to seek their counsel. They will give you what you need.

A. M.

Alan and Dmitry were life savers. Not only was 8 months of work done to have a potential felony dismissed, but they also stood by me and acted as mentors through a lot of sadness and confusion. They gave me recommendations in advance of actions to take so that I could turn my life around before a final legal decision was made. I always felt safe with Dmitrys expertise. Very personable legal service that will make sure you get the best outcome possible.

Sarah C.

Alan Eisner got me the very exact results that I wanted. He gave my case more attention than any other lawyer did, and I felt that he cared for me as a person as well. I only found it challenging to contact him or get a call back from him. As for the cost, they were not cheap, but worth it for their expertise.

Arash S.

The criminal lawyers at Eisner Gorin are trusted advisors to my clients facing criminal or drunk driving DUI charges in Los Angeles. I have observed first hand their defense work in Los Angeles criminal courts with many clients and the numerous successful results for them. They specialize exclusively in criminal defense work and are the go-to resource for lawyers with other specialties when their clients are in criminal trouble.

Inna S.

I personally witnessed how the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at Eisner Gorin LLP handled a criminal case. Attorney Dmitry Gorin and Alan Eisner were hired to reverse and challenge a jury verdict where a defendant faced over 9 years in prison on criminal kidnapping and threats charges. The case was pending at the Criminal Court Building at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Downtown Los Angeles. They raised numerous objections to the law and factual errors in the trial, and argued vehemently on behalf of the client. At the end of three months of litigation, the judge ordered defendant on probation with time served. Outstanding work by this criminal defense firm.This is my go-to law firm with criminal defense clients.

Peggy M.

Dmitry Gorin is a fabulous person and professional resource, but even a better criminal defense attorney. I have referred Dmitry a few matters and have always received top notch service. I highly recommend him.

Heath G.