Work From Home or Other Business Opportunity Schemes

Work from home or other business opportunity schemes promise that individuals will earn thousands of dollars but require upfront fees ranging up to hundreds of dollars. Many times the people signing up for the work from home or other business opportunity scheme never actually receive anything in return, or they find that the materials are not what the seller warranted. More specifically, some of these schemes advertise by saying that a small fortune can be easily earned by “working at home,” “assembling small products in your spare time,” or “stuffing envelopes.” All that is required is a small payment to get started with more info. The problem is that the info, if it ever arrives, turns out to be worthless as the easy-money opportunities do not exist as described. The Federal Trade Commission has created 16 CFR Part 437, which is the business opportunity rule, and it requires that business opportunity sellers furnish prospective purchasers with specific information that is material to the consumer’s decision as to whether to purchase a business opportunity. If convicted of a work from home or other business opportunity scheme you may be facing large fines and/or imprisonment.

Business opportunities are always being presented to consumers in California and throughout the United States. Poor investments and bad business decisions is resulting in countless allegations being filed against companies selling the business opportunity. These allegations can tarnish the reputation of the business, causing it to fail. If your company is facing criminal charges for business opportunity fraud, it is critical to contact an experienced Los Angeles federal criminal lawyer immediately.

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Eisner Gorin LLP are known for their success in high-profile federal cases. We will vigorously challenge allegations of business opportunity fraud. We will use our experience and skill to prove the business is a legitimate opportunity and that there was no deception or misrepresentation in the presentation of the opportunity. We have successfully defended clients in all U.S. District Courts in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California. We have handles all types of federal fraud crimes, including ponzi schemes, white collar crimes, corporate fraud, among others.

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