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Drug manufacturing means any person who prepares, produces or repackages any illegal drugs where the drugs are sold to a consumer. California Penal Code 2002; Health & Safety Code 11104.5 says any person who intentionally possesses laboratory glassware, chemical solvent, or any combination thereof, where the value of the merchandise exceeds $100, with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance, is guilty of a crime.

Federal drug manufacturing criminal charges includes growing marijuana, operating a methamphetamine lab, gathering supplies to manufacture drugs and possessing manufacturing equipment.

Federal prosecutors will aggressively prosecute individuals charged with federal drug crimes. A conviction can result in harsh penalties, and the length of time in a federal prison can be twice as long as a conviction for drug possession or drug trafficking.

Your prior criminal record, manufacturing close to a school or playground of if you were in possession of a weapon can lead to additional federal crime charges and a more severe penalty. A firearm charge in itself could lead to several more years in prison if the charge is in connection to the drug crime charges.

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