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Top 5% U.S. Law Firm defending major federal cases nationally involving allegations of Corruption, White Collar Crime, Narcotics, Internet Crime, RICO, Alien Smuggling, and other serious felony offenses.

The federal defense lawyers are former Los Angeles Prosecutors that specialize in aggressive courtroom advocacy, with years of experience in federal courts. Our federal criminal attorneys defend serious cases in federal court from Alaska and Hawaii to New York and Florida. We focus on defending company executives, licensed professionals, and other business owners across the country.

Some targets of a federal investigation believe that they can talk their way out of an investigation, not realizing that lying to a federal officer is a separate felony crime, a criminal law issue that was litigated in the Martha Stewart federal prosecution.

You should not make a decision to speak to law enforcement, or plan a courtroom strategy, without the assistance of a federal criminal defense lawyer… Explication is not Exoneration!